Tour Features


Dual Interactive Virtual Media Player

We utilize the Real Tour Fusion engine which is HTML 5 and flash based. It displays HD stills, panoramas, and full motion video in one interactive, vibrant rich media player at lightning fast speeds! Now Publish panoramas in a variety of formats from cylindrical to 360° X 360° spherical, Cubical, one shot, even vertical and you’ll LOVE the outcome.


HTML 5 Mobile Tour 2.0

Fusion tours are smart. Very smart! When anyone is browsing through your virtual tours with a web enabled phone or device our virtual tours automatically serve up a mobile compatible version of the tour to ensure maximum exposure and compatibility. Got a gyro enabled phone or device; you can Pan, tilt and move interactively through panoramas and scenes within virtual tours by steering your device in the direction that you would like to navigate.


Full Motion Video

Enhance your listings with short video clips with our new “Real Fusion Experience” tour. Showcase things like wind blowing through trees, water gardens, bubbling hot tubs, boats zipping along the lake, wildlife, and of course you’re even able to get in front of the camera and introduce the listing.



Tired of the same song playing over and over on your virtual tour presentations? With the powerful Fusion virtual tour system, you can choose multiple tracks to play during specific presentations. If the viewer is still watching when the first song ends, we’ll queue up the next song in line. Fusion is all about keeping you ahead of the competition.


Active Floor Plans

What good is a floor plan if it’s going to hide in the background only to become available IF the user clicks on the floor plan button? Instantly integrate a floor plan into your virtual tour. Your floor plan stays nicely placed over the image while users pan from room to room. Active Plans also support hot spots and show users what part of the room they’re looking at by way of an easy to see directional compass. Don’t have a floor plan? We can help with that in our services page.


It’s Interactive

Add a variety of Hot Spots to your tour and let the viewer interact with it. There are Animated Hot Spots and Info Spots which may link to additional virtual tour scenes, videos, URLS on the web or open up text bubbles for more information on a particular area of interest.



Client Toolbox

Your Agent Toolbox is one of our favorite features that we’ve brought to you. You’re now able to login, change tour status banners, make price changes, mark listings as sold, order more tours, snag your leads, setup your customers to receive your weekly hit reports, print off your flyers, download images, edit preferences and so much more. You’re going to love how easy it is manage your virtual tours and marketing tools from a single login



Fusion takes virtual tour traffic reporting to the next level by providing you with all the data you’ll need. Get a full break down by day, month, quarter, year and also show truly unique and returning visitors. See the number of times your virtual tour has been emailed, downloaded, shared on social sites, viewed on a mobile phone, sent to fiends, and now also the number of times various tools on the virtual tour are used such as the our E-Flyer or Printable Brochure. You can simply login to your TMS and access a virtual tours entire history with the click of a mouse.



Fusion’s AudioPal feature allows you to easily choose between a natural sounding male or female voice to automatically narrate your virtual tours. AudioPal simply reads the text based scene descriptions as the images go from one to another in the Fusion player. Those seeking further customization can upload a professional voiceover, and individual scene by scene narrations.


Cloud Recorder

With the advanced Cloud Recorder you simply need a microphone and your internet connection to add tour or scene by scene narrations to any or all of your online virtual tours.


Email Trapper

Ever wonder who is sending your virtual tours, and to whom? The new Fusion Email Trapper gives you a list of the sender and recipient. If you’re an aggressive marketer and want to quickly build an email list of home shoppers, the Email Trapper will notify you each time your virtual tour presentation is sent. This is a perfect lead mining tool for agents who send monthly newsletters to home shoppers and sellers.


Individual Download

The Fusion system has made downloading images easy, even for the technically challenged. Instead of downloading all the images in one large zip file that may be confusing, the Individual Download page displays a gallery of thumbnail images. Simply click the download button to instantly download an image to you computer.



Virtual tour galleries just got a whole lot fancier with Google Map enabled MyGallery. Each time you have a virtual tour created your MyGallery page will auto populate the virtual tour info onto the page. These new galleries are also easy to forward to a custom URL and you’re also given a snippet of code so you can easily embed the page directly into your website.


Map Widget

Get an RTV Map Widget to embed into any page of your website. Simply create a virtual tour, tag it, and check your map for the virtual tour. Users can come to your website and search your RTV Map Widget based on location, tour type (tags), price and any other criteria that you’ve put into your virtual tour.



Instantly transform any of your long virtual tour links into smaller more manageable Tour URL’s with TinyTURLS. All TinyTURLS begin with www.TinyTURLS.com/ Use our TinyTURLS when you’re looking to save space in any of your print ads, in MLS systems that require shorter URL’s, or when tweeting a tour.


Tour Tags & Meta Tour

Tags & Meta is a wonderful feature for getting your virtual tours more views from Google, the RTV virtual tour portal www.RealTourFusion.com and your local RTV dealer site. With Tour Tags you can add additional information about the tour owner, tour type, location or any other distinctive features that will help RTV properly categorize your virtual tour. These same tags are used to populate your video tour when pushed to YouTube.


Double Agent

The Real Fusion player is all setup for the listings you have co-listed with another agent or team. Watch as our player elegantly fades in and out from one agent to the next, displaying each individuals contact information and photo.



We can provide you with a RSS feed to AutoBlog your virtual tours on your favorite WordPress, Blogger or other blog so you don’t have to lift a finger. As soon as we publish your virtual tour the RSS feed will send it to your blog. You can even setup a HotSheet that will e-mail your virtual tours out to your database. Simply pair your feed up with Aweber or your favorite e-mail management system.


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